​​​​​​Gen 1 2001/2003  Prius:

Re-manufactured  Traction Battery Price  $2099.99*

Installed. Includes  3 Year 36K Mile warranty. (Mobile Service Add $45.00)

Gen 2 2004/2009 Prius  

Reconditioned Price  $1150.00*

Installation Included! 14 Month 15K Mile warranty.  (Mobile Service Add $45.00)

Re-manufactured  Price $2250.00* ,

Installed,  3 Year 36K mileage warranty,  (Mobile Service Add $45.00)

Gen 3 2010/2015 Prius

Reconditioned Price $1350.00  

Installation Included! 14 month 15K Mile  warranty,  (Mobile Service Add $45.00)

Re-manufactured Price $2450.00 

Installed 3 Year  36K mile  warranty, (Mobile Service Add $45.00)

'07-'11 Camry Hybrid/Nissan Altima

Reconditioned Price    $1500.00 14 month 15K Mile warranty.

Re-manufactured Price  $2600.00*Installed, 3 year 36K mile  warranty. 

(Mobile service add $45.00)

Highlander/Lexus RX '06-'11

Reconditioned battery  price   $1750.00 14 month warranty. Includes diagnostics and installation

Re-manufactured battery ... CALL

Chevrolet/Cadillac/GMC Tahoe/Escalade/Yukon  

GM Remanufactured battery installed,  Discontinued..

Includes 3 year Unlimited mileage warranty nationwide from GM.

 Due to the size of these batteries mobile service not available. Also a deposit is taken prior to ordering these batteries. 

Honda Insight '00-'06

Re-manufactured  IMA Battery  $2100.00* Installed 3 year warranty. Includes diagnostic fee to verify IMA hybrid battery has failed.  

(Mobile service add $45.00)

Honda Insight  2009 on up

Re-manufactured IMA Battery $2599.99*

Installed 3 year warranty unlimited mileage.  Includes diagnostic to verify IMA battery has failed. (Mobile service add $45.00)

Honda Civic '03-'05

Re-manufactured​​ IMA Battery,  $2549.99* 

Installed 3 year warranty unlimited mileage warranty. Includes diagnostic to verify IMA battery has failed. ​ (Mobile service add $45.00)

*"Battery prices subject to change without notice all prices quoted are plus tax"

* Must participate in our "Prolong Reconditioning service" every 4/6 months at no charge to maintain warranty on all SNH Reconditioned batteries. Thank you.

SNH supplied refurbished battery packs (Toyota only) are carefully selected, disassembled, then  meticulously reassembled, with new nickel plated buss bars, then the battery packs are put through multiple deep charge/discharge cycles, conditioning the batteries as close to new as possible, giving you peace of mind the battery will last well past the warranty period. 

Toyota (Nissan) Lexus Chevy Tahoe/Yukon Honda Hybrid Battery Prices.

All installations include Diagnostics to verify HV Drive battery condition.

We are suppliers and users of the Prolong Battery conditioning system process, what than means for you, when we install a (Toyota / Honda) Hybrid battery pack we  may install a charging cord to the battery, then we ask you to return every 4/6 months for a complementary recondition process on your battery, this ensures a long life and good performance. 

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*We require your old battery core upon any hybrid battery replacement, or a fee of $900.00 will be added to final bill.

Our product line consists of:

  • New Dealer Supplied Battery Packs, Usually 1 year warranty. 
  • Remanufactured Vendor Supplied Battery Packs 3 year warranty. 
  • Sierra Nevada Hybrid Refurbished Packs 14 Month warranty.