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  • Factory Sourced Training
  • ASE Hybrid Certified 
  • ACDC Qualified Shop
  • Master Auto Technician
  • Latest Tools & Diagnostics
  • Full warranty coverage and nationwide warranties on most repairs.

The Hybrid Battery is the heart of the system, properly maintained can deliver many miles of  performance. "We can test  and  replace them at a fraction of the cost of a dealership".

The engine in a Hybrid, also known as the ICE, is a conventional engine by today's standards, but must be precisely serviced or the Hybrid System will fail to operate correctly.  

Northern Nevada's ONLY  Premier Hybrid Repair Garage! Specializing in Prius / Hybrids / EV automobiles!

We Are ASE Hybrid Certified, We Have The Training, Tools, And Knowledge For Hybrid Service You Can Trust!

We are Northern Nevada's first and only  Independent Qualified ASE certified Hybrid EV specialist. 

The DC Inverter/Converter is the Power Module, it has a crucial role in power distribution.  "We service the cooling system for this part, and can diagnose and replace it as well.